AI Crypto Deep Learning Installation


Demo version of AI Crypto Docker Container is tested and supported on a system with:

CAUTION: It may not be installed or run properly on different systems.

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Download these two files for access to AICRYPTO Deep Learning Service:

Uncompress the installation file under desired directory. and move or copy the credential file to aicrypto-docker directory.

mv <your_path_to>/credintial <your_path_to>/aicrypto-docker


Open a terminal window and go to aicrypto-docker directory.

cd <your_path_to>/aicrypto-docker



You can add options for forced reinstallation of Docker, NVIDIA driver, and NVIDIA Docker container. Check the options using --help flag of

CAUTION: You will be asked to press Enter while is installing NVIDIA driver.

The following messages will be printed if the installation finished successfully.

Successfully built <docker_image_id>

Successfully tagged aicrypto/aicrun:0.1

CAUTION: You need to turn off the inbound firewall of your computer and make port forwarding from a public IP available.

Run Example Scripts

You can run example scripts to check if the installation is done properly.

Run AI Crypto Docker container using

cd <your_path_to>/aicrypto-docker


Run aicrun with one of the following examples inside AI Crypto docker container.

cd /examples